Paradise Island anyone?

Incubus Soulmate by Alexandra Ortigas

If you have time for a quickie, then grab a copy of this book. Its a paranormal romance but instead of the usual vampires and werewolves, we have an Incubus and a mortal woman who has trouble keeping the men in her life. She has an extremely high sex drive and when they can’t keep up with her they lose interest. The latest was her fiance who bailed after she had already purchased the honeymoon and planned the wedding. So instead of cancelling, she decided use the honeymoon paradise as a vacation and went alone. There she realizes that the island isn’t what it seems. It is a vacation spot but designed for couples looking for a place to explore their sexuality with minimal rules or codes. She roams about the island, and experiences strange but erotic encounters. She eventually dreams about her soulmate and becomes aware of her true self.

I loved the description and feeling in the book and enjoyed the direction the author took the story. It was unusual and new. The only bad thing, is that like Evangelina’s unquenchable desire, I wanted more after reading this book. I can only hope there will soon be a second to continue the saga.

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